April Writing Prompt

Since yesterday was April Fool’s Day, I figured we’d write a quick scene in which a prank is being played.

Read mine below.

The room grew silent as the evening’s entertainment was beginning. Katie had hired a tarot reader to do readings since the theme of the party was Mardi Gras.

The reader entered the room silently and began setting up on the other side of the coffee table. She looked up once or twice and smiled at the curious guests but remained silent. She had smooth brown skin, long dark hair and wore a dark, wine colored lipstick. She certainly looked the part.

When she’d finished she glanced over to Katie who nodded her head slightly on acquiescence.

She then placed her hands on the cards and looked directly into my eyes. I’m not sure if it was because I was sitting directly across from her but she said “let’s start with you.” She handed me the deck. “Shuffle,” she commanded.

I shuffled the deck as she instructed. I wasn’t nervous but still I didn’t know what to expect.

I handed the deck of cards back to her and she began arranging them on the table between us in a grid. She neither spoke nor looked up. She did nod her head a couple of times.

“I see that you’re pretty successful in your work,” she began. I nodded, completely unimpressed. That wasn’t necessarily a difficult thing to figure out.

“Hmmm,” she said glancing down toward the cards. “You have a sister,” she asked. And then added, more confidently. “Two of them.”

“Yeah,” I said perking up a little. Still, anyone could have guessed that.

“I see two pets,” she continued. “Their names begin with L and M.”

“Is that right,” asked the guy next to me. “Yeah,” I said with disbelief “I had a dog named Linda and a cat named Muffy.”

“Ooh she’s good,”said the guy. “I want to go next.”

The reader looked up at me with a mysterious smile. “I’m going to ask you something a little personal,” she said and waited for me to nod.

“Are you adopted?”

My jaw dropped. “How did you know that?”

She answered only by smiling.

I was totally into it now and practically begged her to keep going.

“There’s one more thing”

“What? What is it?”

“I’m seeing a major purchase you recently made. A car maybe?”

“Yes,” I said smiling as I thought of my brand new white Audi.

“A white car?”


“Where is it now?”


“Hmmm,” she said suddenly looking troubled.

My heart began to beat a little faster. “Why?”

“Something’s wrong,” she said slowly.

“With the car?”

“Yes. Some harm has come to it. Someone is vandalizing it in some way. I think maybe you should go check on it.”

Before she’d finished that last part, I was up out of my seat, murmuring apologies for leaving and heading toward the door.

I turned back when is heard Katie’s hearty laugh. What was so funny?

“Come back, Nick,” said Katie barely suppressing a giggle.

“Come back and sit. There’s nothing wrong with your car.”

“There isn’t,” I say, trying, and failing, to hide my overwhelming relief.

“No dude. I fed her all that info just to mess with you.”

I exhaled finally as the whole room broke out in laughter.

“Dude you deserved that,” Katie laughed. “You’ve been so obnoxious about that car ever since you got it.”

That got an even louder laugh from the room. Even the tarot reader had a chuckle.

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