Epic Blog Review

Epic Blog Review

I first saw the Epic Blog editorial planner in a friend’s Instagram post.

I don’t know if it was her carefully arranged photo (she was sitting on a very cool looking cafe with a very fancy looking coffee beverage next to her open copy) that enticed me or if it was that the book itself looked interesting, but I thought I’d try it.

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Now I’m not a newbie when it comes to editorial planning (and for the uninitiated, editorial planning is the practice of planning your blog posts and social media content out over a longer arc, typically a month). I generally plan my posts in CoSchedule (CoSchedule is awesome, but a really good free alternative is a WordPress plugin called Edit Flow).

But Epic Blog gives you a good deal more than a calendar on which to fill in blog post titles.


What’s really cool is that the book asks thought provoking questions that force you to think about your blog as more than just a random collection of posts. It makes you think about your blog as more of a business and plan accordingly for that.

It forces you to create a vision.

If you’re the type that gets freaked out about planning for the long term, relax. It’s just for a year.

Visions can change.

Visions should change and evolve.

When I plan my content, I generally plan only a month in advance, at the most. With Epic Blog, I found it really helpful to plan my content over a much longer arc. You don’t have to plug in every blog post you’re going to write over the entire year. But you can plan around themes and special dates, and just generally give yourself a snapshot of your content for the year in a broader sense.

It also helps me to better prepared to write my posts (and this, increasing the likelihood that they’ll actually get done). I can see months ahead what I’ll need to do to prepare a particular post. I can take a look at holidays, seasons or anything else going on and plan content accordingly to maximize those topics and capitalize on the subjects that already have people’s attention.

And yes I know I could put all this in an Evernote or spreadsheet but I’m old school when it comes to writing things down. Something about a pen and physical paper is just magical to me.

So yeah, I’d definitely recommend Epic Blog, even if it’s just for the blog business plan.

And it’s under 16 bucks.

You can get Epic Blog here.

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