Thoughts On Finishing My First Draft

Last night I finished my first draft. (!!)

I need to pause and take that in because I’ve never done anything like that before.

Let me clarify.

I’ve written a ton. But only ever short stories and essays.

My early attempts at writing a full length novel were just that, attempts. Eventually, it occurred to me that if I was going to continue to coaching writers and be considered a coach worth my salt, I was eventually going to have to walk my talk.

And so I got re-acquainted with Logan.

The first draft took me roughly ninety days to complete. Which honestly was a freaking miracle in addition to being one of the hardest things I’ve ever done (but also super rewarding).

The story still needs a whole lot of polish (and so I will be spending the next six months in edit) but it’s done *exhales* and that’s the most important thing.

I will spill the details about my first draft process in later posts but the one thing I’ll tell you is that I’m now a bona fide plotter. I was a pantser for years and years and decided to try plotting as my previous tries at novel writing were bust.

And let me tell you, I don’t think I would have finished my first draft this time around without it.

The other thing I forced myself to do this time around, and I know you hear this one all the time but there’s so much truth in it, is that I pushed through and got my draft done by resisting the urge to stop and edit. You cannot write and edit at the same time.

Let me repeat that for effect.

You cannot write and edit at the same time.

Get the words down, even when your cringing as you’re writing them (as I did more than a few times during this process).

In any case, I had a blast with Logan, exploring his faults and watching him grow throughout the arc of the story. I’m gonna let him get some rest for a few weeks and then he and I will pick it back up and begin polishing.

The actual novel *squee* will be out in November so stay tuned. Especially because there’ll be a whet-your-appetite freebie that I’ll be giving away to my list in about a month.

Join here to get it and to meet Logan before the book comes out.

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