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Manuscript Evaluation

Get a thorough written review of your manuscript, whether fiction or non-fiction. You’ll get a report containing detailed notes concerning overall flow, the strength of your writing, what works and what doesn’t quite work.

For fiction submissions, I look at things such as the goal/motivation/conflict, overall plot, characterization, scene crafting, POV, dialogue and voice.

In nonfiction submissions, I look at things like overall premise, organization of information, quality of research, structure, language, citations, and more. $299 

Developmental Editing

In this edit we deal with the bigger picture stuff, things like plot, character development, pacing, composition, consistency, dialogue and more. This edit addresses your story; it’s structure, scenes and elements, not your actual writing (that’s what the copyedit is for). You’ll receive detailed notes on the main elements of your manuscript. You’ll also receive scene-by-scene suggestions on how to make your story tighter. We’ll identify exactly what parts work well, what parts need to be expanded, and what parts need to be trimmed or eliminated altogether. This service is best for manuscripts that are in first draft stage or still in progress. Includes one revision.  $.010/word



This is a detailed, line-by-line edit addressing punctuation, grammar, spelling, word choice, and syntax. I may suggest slight reorganization, revision, or clarification. Additionally, you will receive a custom style sheet based on your preferences, voice, and genre. This option is best if you have already gone through a structural or developmental edit or at the very least a beta-read, as this edit does not address structural issues. Includes one revision.  $.012/word



Proofreading is usually the very last step in preparing your manuscript. During the proofread, things like content, pacing, word choice, plot flow, or any larger issues won’t be addresses. Instead I will be focused on minute, technical details like hyphenation, quotations, proper placement of ellipses and em-dashes, grammar, spelling, spelling consistency, tense usage, etc.  $.005/word 


Full Editing Package

This is a full editing suite including a developmental edit, a copyedit, two rounds of revisions, and a final proofread for one price. A great value!  $.020/word 

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