Introducing Our First Podcast Guest – Reina Miranda

The Word Wielder Podcast is finally here!

Our first episode is set to go live in August 17th. That’s a couple of weeks from now.

Our first guest is espanglish poeta Reina Miranda. Otherwise known as Red Clay Woman.

Reina has been painting for six years and doing poetry events for over five years. Her work is becoming visible and well known in many artistic corners of New York City, including an international community at the United Nations.
Her art work have been exhibited at the Museum of Natural History, United Nations Building, HBO Building, Bronx Borough President for Hispanic Heritage 2008 and several Pow Wow events throughout the tri-state communities.
Her work displays the spiritual side of the indigenous people who populated the islands of the Kiskeya (Dominican Republic). In her paintings the beauty, pride and love of her Taino people are shown with oils, acrylics and water color pencils; and she just began to sculpt figures of the Taino.

Under the instruction of her art teacher, Aguilar Marrero, who inspired her to follow her dreams, the Taino Spirit in her work was born.

“La Taina” was the first painting to be noticed and acknowledged by Roberto “Mukaro” Borrero who is the Senior Program Coordinator, Public Program & Department of Education at The Museum of Natural History. While her work was on exhibit, Liza Wichmann, who is in charge of the United Nations exhibit, requested that “La Taina” be exhibited at the United Nations during the Indigenous Forum.

In addition to her gifts as an artist (painter/visual artist), this young lady is also an established Poet. She has been doing the spoken word at events like: 5C Cultural Club, Notice Lounge, Cemi Underground, The NuyoRican Poet’s Cafe, Nuve’s Bar and Cafe Soule’, Tierra Sana Restaurant, MI Gente Lounge and many other venues throughout New York City.
The poetry is another way that she is able to express the passion of her heritage, culture and pride of the people.
The first time she did poetry was at 5C Cultural Club in LES (Lower East Side) for Raul Rios, Despireta Boricua, when he was the Director. It was there where she attended Prisonera Jamas’ performances, when she decided that she should go back to her cultural roots and start writing again. So off like a rocket, she went to every single open mic event and got lucky with a few places that featured her poetry. As a result of her experience, she plans to publish her first poetry book to include her paintings that were on exhibit, describing each piece as well as her inspiration.

Remember, it’s going down on the 17th of this month.

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