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And let’s be clear: Doing something a few times a month is not practice. It’s a hobby. Practice means pushing yourself to the utter limits of your abilities. It means getting up every day to do the work, because that’s what’s required of you. And because that’s what you love.

Goins Writer: Two Essential Ingredients of Success


To be clear, 350 words? Not a lot. At this point in your reading, this post is already 500 words long. You can sneeze 350 words. It’s like a word appetizer every day. Some days it’ll take you 15 minutes, other days two hours — but you’re going to commit to those 350 words every day, whether you type them out, or scrawl them in a notebook, or chisel them into the wall of your prison cell. You will carve these words out of the time you are given.

Terrible Minds: How To Push Past The Bullshit and Write That Goddamn Novel


The belief that you have to do it all, all by yourself, is not true. And it’s equally untrue that you’ll need to invest thousands of dollars a month into getting some help. It’s not an either-or proposition.

The Creative Penn: Want To Spend More Time On Your Writing And Tired Of Doing It All? A Virtual Assistant Can Help


As you write, you inevitably draw extremely close to your project. You know each character as well as your best friend. You’ve read the piece so many times, the jokes you wrote in the first draft are no longer funny.

In fact, you become so close to your project that you lose all objectivity. The truth is you can no longer see whether it’s “good” or “bad,” interesting or boring, well written or poorly written.

The Write Practice: The Publishing Step You’ve Probably Forgotten


Successful freelance writers are organized and efficient. They don’t waste time looking up which pitches they’ve sent and which still need to be polished to go out. They don’t have to look up an editor’s name and contact information every time they want to re-pitch a publication.

The Write Life: Track Your Pitches: Use This Spreadsheet to Land More Online Writing Jobs



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