Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season Finale

Disclaimer: Ratchetness is about to ensue. If you are ratchet-intolerant or have a system that is sensitive to ratchet, continue to read at your own risk.


So I started watching  Love and Hip Hop NY last season at the constant prodding of my cousin.

I swear I didn’t want to like it. I didn’t want to get hooked. But I soo did (so many brain cells I will never get back, I tell you).

Anyways, when I saw the previews for L&HH Atlanta, I immediately thought “this is way past my ratchet threshold”. But of course, my cousin and her uncanny powers of persuasion (she is an attorney after all) had me watching  faithfully every Monday.

Monday night was the finale (I’m NOT watching next season I SWEAR). But I did want to give my thoughts on the finale and the season itself.

I broke it down by the different story lines:


Kirk and Rasheeda – Kirk’s apology was sorry. And he only apologized once he realized how much he stood to lose monetarily. Cheaper to keep her. He knew exactly what Rasheeda meant when she said “do you” (or rather what she didn’t mean). Big ups to Rasheeda for standing her ground. I don’t believe they’re really on the outs though so they should be OK.


Stevie/Joseline/Mimi – FAST: Stevie has been actively trolling Joseline for the entire season. Whyyy did anyone think the finale was going to be any different? Joseline is an idiot for watching Mimi go through what she went through and then thinking it was going to be different for her. Mimi’s new boobs look good. Stevie J has issues and needs counseling.


Kay Michelle – Good luck with your singing career.


Ariane – Who?


Erica/Scrappy aka Darryl/Momma Dee – Momma Dee needs to get a man and stop trying to date her son. Kudos for Erica for standing her ground and kudos to Scrappy, I mean Darryl for getting clean.


Benzino – Benzino needs to find himself  a neck before he starts looking for a girl.


Traci and Drew – Who?

I’m sure the reunion episode will be…interesting.

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