September – The Magician Reversed

magicianI immediately reacted when this card showed up in my spread. The Magician is one of my favorite cards in all the tarot. It’s one of my birth cards and also my soul and personality) card. So when it comes up reversed in a reading, I tend to pout a little.

I wasn’t sure back in December when I first did this reading what it would pertain to but as soon as September started, I knew.

I’d been riding a really good wave when it came to work. Knowing that life is cyclic, I said to myself that I’d better enjoy and appreciate it now so as to better weather the next downturn.

I mentioned back in July that a major adversary was suddenly removed from my work life. This time around, I lost a major ally. He was suddenly transferred to another location (without my input being asked AT ALL).

I was suddenly apprehensive. There aren’t many people you can trust in the business world so when you find a true ally, you tend to really lean on that person. This is one guy I knew would never, ever throw me under the bus. If I was slipping, he’d always come through with the assist, cover my ass and never want to take credit for it.

So I started to wonder if I’d be able to sustain this level of success that I was enjoying without him. Apparently, others were wondering the same and told me as such. All sorts of conspiracy theories surfaced about whether this sudden switch was a carefully orchestrated plot to sabotage me and bring about my professional downfall.

I spent maybe a few days moping about it a bit and then I decided to buck up.

The Magician was calling to me to turn him back upright.

Reversed, his energy is still there, still powerful, but blocked and not flowing in the right direction. This manifested as me doubting myself, putting too much stock in another’s talents and not enough in my own.

I had to remind myself that I’ve gotten where I am through my own hard work and perseverance. That hasn’t just left me all of a sudden. I just needed to tap into again and remind everyone (but really myself) just how bad of bitch I really am.

I still miss my PIC of course. But I’m no longer doubting myself and I’m taking control of things again.

Like a true Magician should.

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