My name is Desiree.

First and foremost, I can be a bit of a motormouth. Seriously. I used to get in trouble all the time for it in school. One teacher even nicknamed me “Miss Mouthy Moodie”. My mom can confirm that for you.

But I’m also a good listener. and as such, people have always come to me for advice and my perspective on things.

Since my childhood days, I’ve been on radio shows, podcasts, performed at readings, and have even appeared on daytime talk shows.

I love to teach. I actually was on my way to becoming a professor before I took a detour and decided to get serious about writing on my own. Speaking, for me, has been a much better way to scratch that itch (though at times, I do miss academia).

I am currently putting out my first novel and coming up with all sorts of ways to help other writers become authors.

My Most Requested Topics…

I welcome the opportunity to give talks, lectures, or keynotes, to lead workshops, and to participate in panel discussions and and readings.

I speak on topics around writing, publishing and book marketing. The following are my most requested topics. These can be presented as either a keynote/lecture or a workshop.

Story Builder Session – Writers want to tell good stories at the end of the day. And a good story can come from literally anywhere. Here, we play with different story ideas, learn how to refine them and make them great. Then I share ways to take that idea and turn it into a compelling story.


The Novel In 90 – Get that book done already! In this session we go from how to brainstorm and choose an idea, to going through a solid pre-writing phase, to getting that first draft written at a lightning pace.


Self Editing – So you’ve finally gotten that manuscript written. Now what? For some writers, the editing process is scarier and more daunting than the writing itself. In this presentation, I share what to look for when polishing your draft.


Indie Publishing Fundamentals – There’s so much information about indie publishing out there that it can make you dizzy! Here, we talk about the fundamentals, the absolute need to know basics of putting your book out. and then we get into some cutting edge strategies that are currently popular.


Book Marketing Crash Course – So you’ve got a book out. Congratulations! But now comes the work of selling. You’ve taken care of the art. Now learn the business side.

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