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Collecting the best writerly things I’ve read this week…

“Writing changed my life in every possible way. It awakened me to my purpose when I wasn’t sure I had one and helped me navigate the temptations of fame and success when they were most alluring.”

3 Ways Writing Helped Me Build a Business, Launch a Dream, and Find My Purpose


“Readers today are smart. They understand how stories work. They see 75% of the plot twists coming waaaayyonder down the road. They know the character archetypes. They understand the Hero’s Journey. They know what the setup for a happy ending looks like, and they know when there’s tragedy in the wind.

In some respects, this is unavoidable. In other respects, it isn’t even a bad thing. (Remember, the best stories are those people will read over and over again, long after they know the ending.)

But it also means the door is wide open for any author brave enough to truly wield the fearsome power of the unexpected over his characters’ lives.”

The #1 Tip for How to Write Books Readers Can’t Put Down


“One of the reasons editing a novel can sometimes feel like the insurmountable Mt. Never Gonna Get There is because you don’t have a clear path forward. Facing a big edit–with lots of feedback from various sources–is like facing down the mopping up after a hurricane. You’ve got the manpower and the know-how. But first you have to figure out how to put them to use. After all, you can’t move forward until you know the first step.”

6 Tips for How to Organize Your Novel’s Edits

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