Wheel Of The Year Spread: November

TarotCupsSuitThis month my card is the Ace of Cups.


Now when I first did this reading, nearly a year ago now, I was just beginning to make wedding plans. So I saw this card and thought ” Uh oh. Baby already?”


Well, I’m not pregnant (and not trying).


But currently in every other way, my cup runneth over.


2013 has brought tremendous blessings and this card is telling me to take some time to reflect on them, be grateful, and celebrate. I’m also taking it as a good omen regarding the big promotion I’ll soon be up for. And also, although there is clearly much I still need to learn about marriage, things beyween the hubby and I remain decidedly peachy.


So no drama to report for November (let’s hope I haven’t spoke too soon on that one…especially because traditionally, November tends to be a everything-gone-haywire month for me).


Everyting irie.